Trusted & Respected Pawn Shop

For over 30 years, Old South Pawn has provided trustworthy services for our customers. We buy and sell a variety of top-tier, brand-name merchandise and provide expert appraisals. We also offer pawn loans to help you get cash quickly and efficiently.

Some of our services we offer include:

  • Loans: Need cash fast? Tired of dealing with banks and their endless paperwork? Visit one of our stores today! We provide short-term collateral loans at competitive interest rates.
  • Gold: With gold valued at an all-time high, our pawn shops can give you the most cash for your gold items. We will appraise your pieces based on the current daily gold rate, weight, and the karat percentage. This goes for gold & silver coins as well!
  • Pawn: If you need cash fast, bring in your valuables for a loan! Our loan services do not require credit or background checks and our pawning services will safeguard your items for the duration of your loan.
  • Gift Cards: Have a gift card to a store you would never step foot in? Trade it in for cash! Or pick up a gift card to your favorite retailer for less than its value by visiting our store today!.
  • Inventory: Whether you are looking for household items, tools, jewelry, or equipment, we have a diverse selection of merchandise priced less than in stores. Our stock changes daily, so check us out frequently.

For more information, call our friendly and knowledgeable staff at (478) 788-9291:

What Sets Us Apart?

  • Friendly Service
  • Drawing for $100 monthly
  • We Give away free ice cream